Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slumber Party

Ahh, sweet summertime!  The kiddies are out of school, the air is warm (ok, HOT), the days are long....well, you get the picture.


Since the kids are out of school for summer break now, sweet Miss M spent the night with me and Hubby last weekend.  


We had such a good time with our precious girl.  We played a little ball in the backyard and boy, was it HOT that day!

Yeah, I'm not very athletic so me attempting to hit a ball was quite amusing.

Here's Miss M and Hubby enjoying a favorite summer treat!

Isn't she the most adorable little sweetheart?

Next, we had some craft time.  Miss M actually came up with this fun idea to make a bird feeder from a water bottle!  Creative, yes?

Every little girl needs a flower from her uncle.  Makes the day perfect!  I love this picture of M.  She looks so happy!

And, after all of that exciting adventure, she was out like a light!  

Those slumber parties sure are some good times!  I think Hubby and I enjoyed it as much as Miss M did.  

Now, time for some relaxation and a long holiday weekend.  I think we are going to do some thrift store shopping, garage sale adventuring and grilling with the fam.  

What are your plans for this Memorial Day weekend?


Anonymous said...

Awwwww! She has the COOLEST Aunt and Uncle ever, obviously! It's so wonderful that you spend this precious time with her, I'm sure it's the making of many happy memories :)

Stephanie said...

SO SWEET! I bet she had the BEST time!

sarah said...

i love the tag on the feeder. to the birds, from the humans. lol, so cute. :)

LeAnna said...

What good memories you're giving her! I think I need a Popsicle now. Power of suggestion and all. ;) We're just taking it easy this weekend, woohoo!

Emily grapes said...

I love her excitement. How creative she wanted to make a bird feeder out of the bottle and her labeling it from the humans is hilarious!!

All I'm doing this weekend is a whole bunch of nothing, and loving it!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

The Better Baker said...

Sweet post! Congrats on winning the blender at A'lil Country Sugar!!! WOOOHOO for you! =)