Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

Spring has sprung!  It is a pleasant 70 degrees this morning and we're well on the way to a high of 80!  Wow, is it really March?  It feels more like May!

The warm weather and sunny skies have me pining for vacation!  I'm not a beach kinda gal at all, so this year, we are planning a trip to the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  I can.not.wait!!  It's just a few hours away and there is so much to do there.  Hubby and I love it!


I was glancing through some photos of our vacation to Lancaster, PA last summer...awesome place to visit, by the way...and I decided to share a few with you.


Lancaster County in Pennsylvania is home to the world's oldest and largest Amish community.  This is a beautiful Amish farm:

Gorgeous, right?

Lancaster also has around 25 covered bridges.  They are charming!  Here's one for your viewing pleasure:

Hershey, PA is a short drive from Lancaster, so of course, we had to visit Hershey's Chocolate World.  We toured the chocolate factory and made our own Hershey bar!  

And, no visit to Pennsylvania would be complete without a stop at Gettysburg.  Of course, the area is rich with Civil War history...perfect for my history-buff Hubby.

Here we are at the Gettysburg National Park.  In the background is the area that would have been the battlefield.

And here are the remnants of a rock wall fort built by Civil War soldiers:

Hubby and I had an amazing time, but there's nothing like comin' home!

What about you guys?  Any vacation plans in the works?  

Have a blessed week, friends.


LeAnna said...

Ohhhh, I want to go to Pennsylvania so bad! My Hubby lived there and in Virginia for a few years as a child. We drove to Asheville, NC for our 1st anniversary and it's one of my favorite places on earth. All of my Mom's family are from Tennessee and North Carolina, so we love it there.

Never been to Kentucky, either! Would love to go see the horse racing museums and such. And Hubby and I want to go to the Kentucky Derby at some point in our life.

We have a family vacay somewhat planned to Moline, IL to see the John Deere museum. Bet you can guess who is most excited about that. ;)

Sarah said...

possibly an outreach trip to Mexico ... other than that, we are staying close to home this summer.

Happy Spring!

psychelyn said...

Those are beautiful places you've been to. It looks so serene, especially the first picture.

meme-and-he said...

we live just 30 minutes from lancaster and love to visit both that and Hershey. I love the feel of the country and their way of life!