Friday, March 30, 2012

For Your Reading Pleasure

Some random thoughts, mixed with tons of photos for your reading pleasure!

I finished reading through the entire "Hunger Games" series with my gals LeAnna and Kendra this week.  Wow.  One of the most thought-provoking and emotional series of books I have read in a looong time!  Wish you girls lived closer so we could have seen the movie together!

My darling Sweet Pea is staying with Hubby and me tonight.  I'm super excited!  She's such a precious little lady!  Her auntie and uncle enjoy her so much.

Here she is, with Hubby, aka Uncle A.  (Ignore all the yuckiness on the bib.  She's a messy eater!)

And, again.  Such a happy little Sweet Pea.
We are in love with this precious face, for sure.

And this cute face too...
My sweet niece, M

And we musn't forget these two darlings...
Lil Man & E

Why yes, that IS a rubber snake behind them on the church pew!  Boys are so much fun, aren't they?

And now, in other exciting news...

We set a date for vacation and I am making our reservations THIS WEEKEND!  I can hardly wait!  There is nothing more relaxing that the mountains of East Tennessee on a lazy June day.  And Hubby and I are so ready for some relaxation!

We actually went to the Smoky Mountains for our honeymoon and we are excited about going back this summer.

As a matter of fact, here we are on our honeymoon.

What a gorgeous view!  I love that man of mine.  Oh, wait, you thought I meant the mountain scenery, didn't you?  

Just kidding!


Another beautiful mountain scene...

Vacation countdown has begun!

And, in case you didn't know, the BIG GAME is tomorrow!  The University of Kentucky Wildcats meet the University of Louisville Cardinals in the Final Four for a spot in the NCAA Championship game.

For those of you who aren't from Kentucky, basketball is BIG.  This game is even BIGGER.  I am eagerly anticipating a big win for my Wildcats.  Go Big Blue!

Source: Card Chronicle
Y'all have a great weekend, friends!


Jennifer said...

I went to Ten. A few years ago, the Smokey mountains are so pretty!!!

LeAnna said...

Yes, so glad we were able to read the books together! And YES, wish you were close by because somehow I think you gals would be better company to the movie than my Hubby. HA! He might laugh at me if I get swoony. Adorable little neices and nephews! Had to giggle about the rubber snake, because that is sooooooo a boy for ya! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun to read together!! I couldn't wait to get on twitter and see what you guys thought of this and that haha. And yes, I dearly wish we could all see the movie together. Your nieces and nephews are precious, what a happy crew :) Those mountain pics are gorgeous wow! The closest we have to that kind of scenery around here is the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

meme-and-he said...

so glad you finished the hunger games and loved it!! I just loved that series :)

Emily grapes said...

I just finished the series last night! I thought they were pretty good, myself. Love your pictures from your honeymoon. What a beautiful place to go. I bet you can't wait to get on that vacation of yours!
Emily at Amazing Grapes