Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm A Blog Slacker

I'll admit it.  I am a total blog slacker.

Has it really been nearly two weeks since I've written anything?  Life moves so fast, doesn't it?  Days turn into weeks before you know it.  Time just gets away from us somehow.

How have you guys been?  

We have been super busy here.  Our local Farmer's Market opened two weekends ago and I have been one very happy girl!  Check out this tote bag that I got on the first weekend.  Quite handy for packing around all of my awesome Farmer's Market finds.

We bought some fresh pork last weekend, which was pretty tasty.  And also, some local strawberries, local raw honey and a few other goodies.  I love buying local.  It's a great way to not only support your community, but to know where your food is coming from and how it was grown or raised.

We were in revival at my church this past week.  It was such a blessing.  I feel renewed and refreshed.  God is so good, yes?

Other than that, Hubby and I have just been working a little bit around the house and in the yard.  I am hoping to get some flowers planted soon.  I just love the spring season!

And, last, a few pictures for you.  Peace out, friends.

Hubby cleaning out a flower bed for me.  He's too sweet!

I heart purple flowers.  *sigh*

Sweet Jasper, watching us work in the yard.  Ignore that big ole dirty spot on the window where he rubs his nose.  I really need to clean that before I take pictures.  Eek!

Fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade.  Delicious!

Me and my man.  Love him!


LeAnna said...

Ok, first off you have the prettiest blue eyes! Just had to say so.
Love farmers markets! I think ours starts in May??? I'm going to try to make a point of going every week. The kids love walking around, and they always have cool stuff. Your petunias are so pretty! I love their peculiar smell, it's one of a kind and reminds me of spring so much.

As for blog slacking, well, we'll just start a club because I'm right there with ya! ;)

Emily grapes said...

Those flowers and lemonade look so good..well the lemonade looks good. haha

Glad you're able to get some local stuff. I love doing that since it tastes just so much better!!
Have a great weekend!
Emily at Amazing Grapes